Born in the vibrant city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Kris Pulsican is a talented children’s book author who now calls London, England, a home. With a keen interest in science fiction and fantasy, Kris Pulsican has always been a voracious reader, inspired by the likes of Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Douglas Adams, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Frederik Pohl. This passion for otherworldly tales is reflected in the imaginative stories Kris Pulsican crafts for young readers.

He is no stranger to the worlds of film and television, with favourites including the iconic “Back to the Future” movies, the “Star Wars” saga, “The Goonies” and the “Stargate” TV series. This appreciation for adventure and escapism seeps into the captivating tales Kris Pulsican writes for children, providing them a safe and engaging gateway to exciting new worlds.

An old-school gamer at heart, Kris Pulsican has enjoyed video games since the days of the arcade and continues to follow the latest releases. The diverse range of games he has played informs the unique, creative narratives that spring to life in each story.

As a dedicated father of two, Kris Pulsican has spent years sharing funny and adventurous stories with his children, ultimately deciding to shape those tales into books for others to enjoy. This personal connection to the audience makes Kris Pulsican’s writing relatable and engaging for readers of all ages.

Beyond the literary world, Kris Pulsican has been DJing since the late 90s, entertaining crowds with an eclectic mix of tunes. He is also a devoted paintball player, seeking thrills and camaraderie with friends and fellow enthusiasts on the field.

Through his rich imagination, love for storytelling, and diverse interests, Kris Pulsican has become a treasured children’s book author whose works continue to captivate the hearts and minds of young readers everywhere.

“Being awake is not an excuse to stop dreaming!”

Kris Pulsican

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